WI Wednesday & Gym Ramblings

Happy Wednesday! Though I’m trying not to focus on the scale too much, I have decided to bring back my Wednesday weigh ins. I’m very happy to report that I am down 2.4 pounds this week. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m feeling good again. Physically and mentally (mostly anyway).

I also bought myself some new shoes, which totally helps. New running shoes make everything better. Brooks released the Ghost 8 at the beginning of June so the Ghost 7 is discounted a lot of places. Our local running store had them for about 40% off retail price. I bought them in both colors they had in my size. 🙂 I wasn’t big on the kaleidoscope pattern online, but it’s actually pretty cool in person.


Getting back to the gym and other regular workouts has been more beneficial than I could have imagined. I forgot how much I enjoyed early morning workouts. And I’m even learning to embrace evening workouts when morning ones aren’t possible.

As I said in my last post, we joined a gym last week. The website lets you stalk yourself, which is super cool. (How odd that I scanned in at exactly the same time on Thursday and Saturday? I’m weird and notice things like that.)gymlog63015

I’ve been doing a mix of the elliptical and treadmill (C25K/walking), with one little stint on the arc trainer thrown in. We also did some short bike rides outside on Friday and Saturday, and I walked the dog a mile or two on Sunday. Obviously, selfies and photogrids were involved. Because if there’s no photo, it didn’t happen, right? 😉


The elliptical is a lot harder than it used to be. And I can tell why I’ve been struggling with my running (other than being heavier). My quads are definitely not as strong as they were 2 years ago. But I noticed last night how much “easier” it was than it was last week. It’s incredibly empowering and motivating to feel your progress.


My plan for the upcoming week is to keep on the same path: eating moderately, doing purposeful exercise regularly, and #wycwyc’ing my way through the rest of the day. The holiday weekend may prove to be a challenge, but I will #wycwyc, be reasonable, and not beat myself up.


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